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Bath Tea

Bath Tea

Stress is something that affects all of us. Not all stress is bad, but it can easily become chronic and have a negative impact on your health. Or maybe it keeps you from falling asleep at night, and you need a way to calm your mind. Herbs are one of the best natural supports for your body and mind while going through stressful periods. Herbal teas for stress, like chamomile, support your nervous system and can help calm an anxious mind. Combining these powerful herbs with warm bath water is an amazing way to relax before bedtime. Mints like peppermint (strong) and spearmint (milder) have an energizing effect. Rosemary and basil can help to clear your mind. Lemon peel and lemon verbena are fresh and invigorating.

  • Ingredients

    Epsom salt, Baking soda, Jojoba oil, All natural essential oils.

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